"The CBA principles and methods are the best available. They assure sound, valid decisions for simple, as well as complex problems. Examples of where CBA methods are applicable range from questions about major programs to questions about individual projects, such as whether a road should be built and if so, where to which candidate should be selected to fill an important staff vacancy, and even to choosing a cereal for breakfast."
Stan Tixier Regional Forester (retired) Intermountain Region USDA Forest Service
Past President Society for Range Management

"Choosing By Advantages is the soundest, most rational decision-making process I have encountered. Its logical principles are deceptively simple but extremely powerful. In this book, Jim Suhr has perfected the clarity and usefulness of Choosing By Advantages."
Paul R. Nordwall Forest Supervisor U.S. Forest Service

"Because Choosing By Advantages has served me and my family very well for many years, I introduce CBA every year, to my third grade students. I have found that they are very capable of learning the basic CBA concepts and methods. But teaching CBA only in the third grade isn't enough. It should be taught progressively, in all levels of the educational process."
Ginger Brown Third Grade Teacher Bates Elementary School

Most decision-making methods in use today are flawed and result in less than optimal results. Choosing By Advantages (CBA) is a tested and effective system for determining the best decision by looking at the advantages of each option. It is an easy to use process that will be valuable to businesses, government agencies, engineers, and individuals.

Not only will the CBA system allow you to make the best decision in any scenario, it will also make it easy to show why the decision was the correct one. CBA is suprisingly simple to follow and will improve one's ability to create the best possible results in any given situation.

"The Choosing By Advantages Decisionmaking System offers a framework for improving the discipline of thought that is crucial to our success as consultants."
Consulting To Management